Our Policies For Rim Rock Apartments

In order to maintain this standard we review every application carefully. We have set certain guidelines that every applicant needs to meet in order to qualify. A credit check and a criminal / public records will be performed on each application. Below are some of the reasons an application may be denied.

You misrepresent any information on your application.

In the last five years you have been convicted of the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance.

You have a conviction for any type of crime that would be considered a threat to real property or to other resident's peaceful enjoyment of the property.

In the last five years you have had a FED (court ordered eviction).

Substantial negative information from current and / or previous landlords.

Excessive number of unpaid or neglected collections. (In some cases a co-signer can be used).

Non-Verifiable source of income.

Please keep in mind the above reasons are only some examples, but not all reasons for a denial of an application. We will give a good faith effort to verify all information on applications in a prompt manner.

Our goal here at Rim Rock apartments is to maintain our current status of a clean, safe, quiet place to live. We believe this is something you will appreciate.

After receiving your application, we will promptly notify you of your acceptance. If you should have any questions please feel free to call 541-548-2198.